The Honeybees’ Snail Mail Challenge

The kids were feeling disappointed to miss out on the traditional school valentine exchanges this year, since we are schooling at home. They joked about making valentine boxes and handing out cards to each other. Finally, Calvin, being a completely unimpressed 12 year old, said, “I mean we could, but that seems like a waste of time, honestly.” So I suggested a craft project to send our love to family who we haven’t been able to see much (or at all) over the last year.  

So, this year for Valentine’s Day, the kids made “stained glass” hearts with pieces of tissue paper and contact paper. We strung them on ribbon and sent them off to grandparents and great grandparents. The kids had a great time making them, loved that each string had one heart made by each of the 4 kids, and felt proud of how they turned out. We packaged them up with a few chocolate hearts and a note, and sent them off in the mail. That sassy 12 year old changed his tune, “I know everyone is going to love these, Mom!” And, guess what… everyone did love them.  Photos came from Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and North Carolina – each photo showing their hearts strung across windows and doors where the light would shine through.  The kids loved to see their art displayed, and it reinforced how much joy old school snail-mail can bring to both the sender and the recipient.

We do tend to send mail often, mostly little notes or drawings from the kids, but after seeing how much the valentines were appreciated, we’ve set a new goal.  We are going to EACH send at least one piece of mail each week, at least until the end of the school year.  This will give the children a chance to practice their spelling, handwriting, and letter writing skills. It will support the Post Office, and it will build old-fashioned connections with family and friends. I’ve shared before that Calvin has been penpals with my grandfather since last March. The two write letters back and forth discussing sports, travel, weather, and the pandemic.  Calvin loves receiving Poppy’s letters, and I love watching them build such a special bond.  

Now, I’d like to invite you to join us in THE HONEYBEES’ SNAIL MAIL CHALLENGE! One piece of mail each week – a postcard, a quick note, a letter, a photo, a gift card –  to someone near or far. The more mail you send, the more you may receive! Think of the feeling you get when you open the mailbox and there is something other than a bill to open. Like a flutter in your heart, right? 

Who will you send your first note to?  

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